Welcome to A Pupper’s Love! This is a place to share the amazing ways our furry, four-legged best friends positively impact our lives.

It’s no secret that dogs are good for your health. In fact, there’s scientific proof! The physical benefits of being a dog owner are many:


  • Lower stress levels for kids and adults
  • Reduced risk of asthma in children
  • Lower blood pressure
  • More physical activity

But that’s not all. A pup’s companionship is also good for your mental health. Playing, petting, and caring for your dog helps you feel less lonely, keeps you happy, and gives you purpose.

In many cases, a pupper’s love can literally save your life. And that’s worth celebrating.

It’s no secret that dogs are good for your health.

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Dogs Save our lives
every day

It had been a long, hard day. Traffic was terrible. Work had been hard. I got stood up for dinner. It wasn’t until I walked into my tiny apartment and saw Pucker, my four-year-old French Bulldog, that I felt relaxed. She was always so happy to see me.

That same night, as I sat on my bed perusing Facebook, I came across this article talking about how dogs save our lives every single day. I looked over at Pucker, whom I had been absentmindedly petting as I read, and I was overwhelmed with gratitude.

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